Safe operating rules for bench drilling machines2018-09-08

1. Check whether all parts of the drill machine are normal before use.
2, the drill and the workpiece must be fastened, can not hold the workpiece by hand, so as to avoid injury accidents and equipment damage accidents caused by the rotation of the drill.
3, concentrate on the operation, rocker arm and drag plate must be locked before work, loading and unloading drill can not use the hammer and other tools and objects, can not use the spindle up and down to hit the drill bit, the application of special keys and wrenches to load and unload, drill chuck must not clamp conical handle drill.
4, the thin plate needs to be padded with wood, the drill is about to drill through the workpiece, to apply light pressure, so as not to break the drill bit and damage the equipment or accidents.
5, when the drill is running, do not wear gloves to work, do not use cotton yarn and towel to wipe the drill machine and clear iron filings. After work, the drilling machine must be wiped clean, cut off the power supply, parts stacking and work site to keep neat and tidy.