The advantages and characteristics of multi-axis device2018-09-07

The advantages and characteristics of multi-axis device

The multi-axis device is also mainly used for rapid drilling, tapping, chamfering, and counterfacing. At present, it is a kind of work machine that has just emerged in China to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. With the development of the domestic auto parts industry, the competition between the parts suppliers is fierce, choose a high-performance, efficient machine tool is an effective way for enterprises to reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and it is also the favorite products of enterprise front-line operators. In terms of material saving, the focus is on the study of new materials and the replacement of metal materials with new materials to achieve the purpose of saving steel and precious metals. High-end multi-axis tool will certainly play a greater role in the entire manufacturing industry.

As we all know, multi-axis machine will play an important role in the machinery manufacturing industry multi-axis machine can be divided into adjustable and fixed two specifications, adjustable multi-axis drill in its processing range, the number of its spindle, the distance between the spindle, relatively can be arbitrarily adjusted, a feed at the same time processing a number of holes. When it is working with the hydraulic machine tool, it can automatically fast forward, work forward (work back), fast back and stop. Compared with single-axis drilling (tapping), the workpiece processing precision is high, the efficiency is fast, and the investor's manpower, material resources and financial resources can be effectively saved. In particular, the automation of machine tools greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators. The fixed multi-axis drilling machine adopts the design scheme of a single piece (processing workpiece) special machine, according to the reason of high processing frequency and large quantity of the workpiece, specially tailored a piece of equipment, in its work do not have to worry about the size of the deviation and troublesome.