Marketing CNC bench drill is a complete system2018-09-01

CNC bench drill does not need to configure computer, engraving machine can work independently under the control of the control handle, reduce customer computer investment, the machine has powerful functions, simple operation, wide range of adaptation, efficient and stable, cost-effective, mechanical and electrical integration design, reasonable structure, compact and beautiful. CNC bench drill spindle transmission system adopts high-strength transmission system, large torque transmission, suitable for high-speed drilling of various material parts, this machine tool screw/guide are made of Taiwan Shangyin brand, guide rail good wear resistance, high precision, smooth running without crawling.

CNC bench drill loading and unloading cutting tools and measuring workpieces, must be carried out in the shutdown, do not directly use the hand to drill the workpiece, do not wear gloves operation, the abnormal sound found in the work, must stop immediately to check and troubleshoot. CNC bench drill should have operating procedures: regular maintenance, maintenance, failure to pay attention to record the protection of the site, etc., drilling machine should be stored in oil seal when not in use, covered with sealing film, training and equipped with the corresponding operators, maintenance personnel and programming personnel. Wipe the CNC bench drill, bed, guide rail, screw and handle, keep the bed and surrounding clean, free of oil.